What is the reason why the website can not be profitable 4 key points of direct website profit


does everything in return, especially in a business society where there is no such thing as unselfish dedication and no profit seeking business. The same is true of most websites. Recently, the website profit has become a hot topic in the webmaster circle. The purpose of doing a website is to make money, this is very pure. But many people don’t know exactly whether they can make money or not, that’s a problem. Live without return, who are not willing to do, hard, in the end for what ah. Today, China electronic magazine production network webmaster to share for you, the website profit winning magic weapon.

1, give the site a bit

many people do web work, and finally do not know what his website is doing, isn’t it sad?. We should first understand what the target group is, young people or old people, fashionable men, or beautiful women. What are the characteristics of this group? What’s the future of this market,


only a good understanding and understanding of these problems, we can know the location of the site in order to do the work later.

2, your understanding of the industry,

in this competitive society, there is no advantage, it is difficult to survive. Do website, we should know, where is his competitive advantage in the end?. To analyze the industry’s first, why they can do now scale, what are the reasons for what they did in the early start?. To make a plan for yourself, what problems should I overcome in a year? What is our goal in the future?.

is the only way to understand others when you know yourself. The Suns, before being victorious.

3, give the website a good idea and culture,

do what enterprises have just begun to do, and finally do is brand culture. Do website, we want to make clear what the concept of the website is. This is equivalent to the enterprise’s connotation and future development plan. What are our goals and what do we convey to the audience in the process of promotion?. We also have to consider whether the idea and idea of the website will be accepted when the audience sees our website.

4, is there a good profit model,


is also spending money on websites, so at each stage we have to know what our budget is. At each stage, are our expenditures budgeted for what we want?. What’s the cost of the technology and publicity? What’s the proportion?. These questions are worth our deep thought. When we develop to a certain extent, what is our profit model?.

successful websites always have their unique place, that is, a new profit model, a good profit model is the survival of the Internet magic weapon, but also the key to competition. In ensuring the profitability of the case, the webmaster to do is to promote the work of the site.