To rely on live and do stand coexistence of webmaster words

has such a group of webmaster, in addition to operating their own web site, but also by connecting some activities to maintain, these activities, small to others do banner, logo, etc., big to help others do web site, do seo. This article is to discuss the promotion space of this kind of stationmaster. Now what pay attention to a cabbage price, for others to do web site, also cabbage price. Before this, there was a personal QQ plus I made an enterprise website, I said 1600, the other party directly back to the sentence, your outrageous, I speechless.

this time, a domestic high-end enterprise website template provider, some may say, this template will trade the spoiler. If you can use a set of templates to directly change the text of the customer, so that customers must be low-end customers, the possible price, but also to the company, let us complain a lot. In the low-end customers in lower prices, price, designers in the counterparts in the fight hard, do you think this phenomenon is reasonable? I believe we do the design, have such price experience, do a website to one thousand, or even hundreds of customers, for it is selective, change. So many people angry, angry about the industry, anger, this industry is not standardized, anger, self-discipline for many years, only worth a cabbage price.

in this environment, some people choose to continue to practice, do high-end design, and some people choose to flicker, Huyou customer Huyou design. Web design since it is an industry, there should be high school low-end, not only ultra high-end to survive. The boss of BMW Alto sold, the sale of BMW Alto is not the only manager to open, high-end companies can survive, the key is the present stage, in the low-end website, the cost is not low.

on the web template be angry comrades, there is great anger, after all, China is not of high quality business template. The idea is that in the face of the price of cabbage customers, you should use the cost of Chinese cabbage; in the high-end customers, template for your role, may just provide design techniques help all design thoughts, not including.


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