Xu Tao a pseudo original

"pseudo original" for the good website optimization webmaster is not what the new topic, the Internet has a lot of good writing about false original article, Xu Tao today also to express their views on the "pseudo original" and "a pseudo original writing skills.

as everyone knows, now Baidu, included the web page principle has been very different from previous, Baidu has recently been modified its rules, is to let users have the best search experience, from the perspective of the user. We do website, the most concerned about is how to make their content can be included in the search engine, and have a good ranking, to bring more traffic. How to do web site optimization very good in content? As we all know, the best original, Baidu search for the most advantageous, your article on the Internet, only you alone this one, that Baidu not included you included who? But there are two problems: first, a station to all the original, this is not possible. A feature of the network is a large capacity of information, update speed, even if your inspiration to, the writing is again good, thinking again wide, one day is not possible to write a few articles, a large amount of information on your website, a day one or two articles posted up, do not know to have development God knows how long to. Two, the Internet now is a resource surplus times, you might use a night for many brain cells to write the article, you will find a lot with the same, now Baidu included, as long as your article 2/3 of the content and another article repeat, think you is the "copy" content.. On this two view, we put the content of the entire station to do the "original" is almost impossible. So we naturally think of "pseudo original", after all, Baidu is a machine, not people, the characteristics of our machines for Baidu, according to the existing content, cleverly put the "processing", from the Baidu machine eyes, then can stately boarded Baidu engine hall. So how do we do "pseudo originality",


in fact, in my opinion, the original "false" is not the information gathered from the material to leave coarse fine, then to integrate into their own ideas, and then a modified word paragraph, such OK, a very good pseudo original came out, I had made from pseudo the original method of online search set to the summary, I hope you can help:

one, pseudo original four titles in the modified method:

(1) instead of disguise (camouflage, originality, change title, must be done),

digital reduction method: face lift of the five methods can be changed into a face lift of the three methods, the two out of two to remove, these two can choose your own, you can choose the most useless, or feel bad. But this is only a topic, not only can be removed, detailed methods see the following instructions.

text instead of law: the five methods of face lift can be changed into a relaxed and effective face lift of the five methods, you did not change the content of the article at the same time, search engines do not