Prospects for future SNS development

prospects for future SNS development:

when the Internet is full of people’s lives, the SNS community becomes a fashion. With the fun, everyone (school) hot, SNS limelight more than ever. Thus, a large number of SNS sites emerge, even Sohu, Tencent, Sina and other Internet predators are reluctant to lag behind, have entered the field of SNS, SNS for a while, "lords disputes."". Coupled with the popularity of open source software such as iWeb and SNS, the construction of SNS sites becomes easy, and a large number of SNS sites are springing up, making competition in the highly competitive SNS field even more brutal. Large websites like this, small and medium sites even more unbearable. How to survive and profit in the current situation, so that the majority of stations grow up trouble. Where’s the way out for the SNS site,


I have contacted many SNS websites, so writing this article brings some of my ideas and summary things out to share with you. I hope it will help you all.

first vertical development: refine the market, subdivide the user

on vertical development, we have a lot of discussion, it is everyone’s consensus, vertical development has become the future direction of the development of SNS web site. Domestic SNS after several years of development, market segmentation has been very clear, comprehensive SNS site has been everybody (inside), happy, white society to occupy, made a large comprehensive SNS site has been elusive. Compared to the vertical SNS market is broad, clear positioning, combined with their own advantages for the core users to provide the services they need most. For example, in today’s society, employment difficulties, lack of recruitment information, and recruitment of SNS website hot up; social pressure becomes larger, the influence of various factors vestigium male 3S lady made a marriage so popular, popular SNS website; go out travel interest makes the development of tourism dating website SNS. SNS is basically human to human interaction, and this vertical SNS site brings together people of the same interests and attracts users more.

second moves toward reality: connecting the web with the reality platform

The essence of

SNS is human centered, and the ultimate aim is to promote human relations in real society. Now, SNS faces an embarrassing situation in China, that is, when you bring your real-life friends to the SNS website, you want to communicate further, but eventually you find that communication is less. Because the reality of communication between friends is more inclined to instant messaging (such as QQ). SNS can move towards reality and promote the communication and development of personal relationships. There are not many websites to do this, but I think this is a good starting point. Organize offline gatherings, group buying, common outings, and take a SNS platform as well as a realistic application. Through the provision of more realistic services to promote users to participate in the SNS community in the process of building a more trusting relationship, and truly do a connection network >