Red Sea competition Webpage Game industry how to escape

The rise of

now Webpage Game also let many game player feel light era, no bloated client, not a long wait time, can be said Webpage Game is a trend in the future of the game, and the game player must also have heard of many Tencent beta Webpage Game Naruto, this anime masterpiece can page the tour of Webpage Game, presumably in the future there will be more long-term development. But that is not the case, the Webpage Game market in our country, although the overall industry is huge, but Webpage Game belongs to Pyramid industry, can really make money website is not much, but because of high cost, the need to maintain, so the short-term money demand is great, the development of Webpage Game website has become a problem. But this can represent the page tour site lose the significance of development? Obviously not, know the status quo, seize the opportunity, page tour site, can achieve self and industry beyond.

avoid homogenization

Homogenization of

Webpage Game field is much higher than Mobile Games, this is because the site is almost in the form of HTML, so no matter what kind of browser, regardless of what type of high-end computer, Webpage Game also only so few, and write the Raiders Webpage Game write mobile phone almost no pondering, basically is a routine, short-term game player may buy it, but this is not conducive to long-term development, it seems to make you eat the same food every day, one day you will have to spit. I think, the first point is to avoid the homogenization of innovative content of the game, at least the stage of the game can not always set in ancient times, is the modern and future development has no space? The second is the form of the game, the game really can only play with stunning or horizontal clearance version or do business simulation the play has been digging in the dirt? For a long time, so designers must innovate their ideas. The last point is that the update of the website language will bring new page tour patterns, which will take time to witness, and the players must not want to see so many of the same types of games.

opens new profit

second, found that according to the challenge, "now the game is nothing more than two kinds of profit mode, the game to buy or to advertise for a new sponsor, the developers of the latter is more difficult, but the former can only say temporary paralysis of the nerve, let a lot of consumer, and like foreign friends with Webpage Game, smashed 100 thousand knife such things are in the minority, the majority of the game player will not put so much, plus a swim at the top of the impact of the market, in fact, Webpage Game profit is a certain degree of difficulty. For game developers, is the best way to make money may buy current members and within the game, but a lot of the time is the game player may not be similar to the immutable and frozen content, large DLC games provide the way of charging might be able to bring more attention to the game and game player? This line will be more abundant, to meet the different needs of various game player give Webpage Game, game player more customization game their rights, let Webpage Game not old-fashioned, the ultimate beneficiary must be the developers themselves.