As a webmaster don’t make money first

is getting ready to sleep. I remember one thing I didn’t do. Yesterday I wrote how to become a new webmaster in the future.  . I saw the response from my friends and asked me how to make money. So I had to sit up and write my thoughts.

most of the stationmaster was first sentence is said to do Wangzhuan is how to make money. Is it! Do Wangzhuan very set in order to make money and do not make money, why would I spend so much time and money? This is not much wrong. If you want to come, you don’t see how much you earn today, but it depends on how others do it. They made so much money was spent much time and sweat.

as a webmaster, first of all don’t make money first. Do stand, walk step by step, don’t run, run fast and fall. The first day you didn’t do anything, you wanted to make money. Where did it come from?. Money will not grow in the ground, nor will it be given to you in other people’s pockets. Do it yourself, spend more time. Take every step to make the money you want.

I’ve seen a lot of successful people. There’s still a lot of talk behind them. This is how the people who come here know how to get there. Once MA (Ma Yun) said such a sentence: "those reporters are asking you how to succeed, do not ask how you failed.". I don’t know what success is, but I know how to fail. When you give up, you lose, and you must walk each step to this day."

I’m a beginning webmaster, my station is a new station, IP is not many. Do not know how to make money, this is good, standing friends asked me how to make money. I don’t actually have a penny in it, but I still tell you I’m making money. Here to explain to you: the new station began some days, I stand space is given by friends, domain names and resources are given by friends, did not spend a penny. Maybe everyone knows something. What do I earn?. So my friendship with my friends is time, so much free.

webmaster must have a good attitude, not to make money in the first place. If you want to be a station or a station, think about how to make money all day, and don’t look at the way others walk. I still say you don’t do it well. It’s not the successful population here, but how much did they say?. How do you see him coming to this day?. Even if you don’t make any money today, say you’ve earned it. This is a real heart to do the station of a person. Then come to teach new friends a way. That’s the link. It’s free here. It might bring you the benefits of website publicity.

today I write so much, if you see me standing friends not how good, don’t look down on you, because this not what benefits, if you feel a bit mentally help please find me at QQ:329308238 or E-mail:[email protected] at any time to share with you

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