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/ Bian Haifeng (WeChat public number: rexuema)

in fact, there is a problem, this has been bothering me for six months, that is, O2O enterprises need to do push?. When more and more companies choose to do O2O push, especially some of the giants are doing push, and the data feedback is also good, I began to doubt my decision, once thought began to shake, push effective really? I mean the promotion for the client, rather than integrating the line resources.

I always do not understand is that a gene Internet company O2O, why do you want to go to the next line promotion, with internet marketing technology not accurate but choose, on the ground, used to promote the popularization of artificial way, it really let me some cannot read, do not know. Do not say ground promotion efficiency is higher, user value is greater, user stickiness is more sufficient, cost performance is more appropriate,


I’m afraid not.

why push


remembers last year talking to a friend who did laundry O2O business, saying that they had access to a transaction, costing nearly 300 users and not counting on hardware input from service personnel. So getting users has always been a headache for them, and they found that using a 30 yuan phone card to drive a roadside user could also get a download user. So they chose the latter, that is, to push the ground.

a time, download the APP and WeChat send a phone card, send the pots and pans and other will become the social hot spot, we often in various areas, see uncle aunt took the children’s mobile phone, let the staff help download and attention, to exchange these so-called gifts, and it is the O2O of the target user? The uncle aunt will buy their services through APP and WeChat


even so, the push is still so prevalent, because they think and 300 to buy a user compared, this is very cost-effective. Later, even some theorists, in advocating to push the rich experience, can put the line of traffic can revitalize the reconstruction of a BAT, but is it really? We can make nothing of it, we only know that once in the cell door to send phone cards are not the community.

when asked this friend, he is supposed to do when online delivery, in his reply, we found some clues.

me: what channels did you vote for,


friends: Baidu keyword and Sina fan pass.

me: what is the logic of putting in


friend: just buy the laundry keyword.

: do you have any restrictions? What areas are you covering now? Which areas are high enough and where are the orders worth more?.

friend: can you restrict the area too? We are only covering >