Adsense profit is advertising or content only between the line

if I ask you, what do you think 58 city is a kind of Web site, you will certainly answer: 58 is an information network. I said that 58 is an advertising network, you want to not feel justified, in fact, many websites between advertising and information, the key is how your organization, can put ads into information, as we rubbish on the ground, how to turn classified, then the use of waste.

This is the most important

I was doing 28 Taobao Street idea, although the station looks like advertising, but I to better organize the presentation, will attract a lot of friend, to guide the Amoy shopping destination. First I in 28 key categories of classification, to form the most familiar shopping mall, divided into 28 street, then I put the Taobao crown stores were selected, a version of the Taobao brand cluster. This will give Amoy friends a better user experience. Let’s name a few more websites.

1: good 123, web site Daquan

123 Internet users occupy the home page, the user viscosity is very high, but in fact the 123 is only an ad network only, only for the special organization, selection of good website to Internet navigation role, is now very advertisers love the website, the link above as far as I know, between foreign customers and under the category of small text, is 90 thousand yuan a month, 3 months to sell, I reckoned hao123 home page, the home page banner, shopping website CPS, standing in the navigation links below the category links, light home, a month in revenue in millions of dollars. Now the good 123, in fact, has many advertising, home page most links are advertising and Baidu own acquisition site.

2:28 business network

2828, "KaKa" is "hair", "28 business opportunities network" can be said to be very profitable site, we first do not say the authenticity of the information inside. But the mode of 28 business opportunities is to earn the model of advertising difference, bring together the small and medium-sized investment advertisements, and then unify the propaganda through the 28 business opportunities. 28 business advertising often in Sina, Sohu, NetEase, these large, even on TV, please Wei Fan do endorsements. Why, because the 28 business opportunities net profit worry, worry about popularity.

3:58 city information website

there are similar Ganji, people network, information release, in fact it is for everyone to send advertising, but you have to obey the rules, to publish in accordance with their rules, then your advertising has become the information, after the site, the value of natural will, because the ads do people love is not easy, content is advertising, advertising is content, it is much higher.

first list so a few sites, in fact, I want to express the central idea is that "advertising is content", many webmaster more inclined to do content, and then through the network advertising profit, this >