Leisure fish refueling community construction community will become a shared economy boost engine


at the end of last year, the industry reported on Taobao’s C2C trading platform "idle idle fish" valuation of over $3 billion, will be split into independent business unit operations, and the introduction of external investment like like Ali rookie news. Although Ali declined to comment, but from the specific action, from the Taobao PC page of a humble entrance to now, second-hand trading is becoming increasingly important part of Ali strategic framework.

last weekend, Ali announced plans to inject billions of dollars into idle fish.

held in March 26th, "idle fish pond main meeting 2016" on the "idle fish" officially launched the "city of 1000 sets" action, said the plan will be launched early into the hundreds of millions of yuan. The next year, idle fish from the line into line, held 1000 idle fish bazaar in the city with the highest density of 100 transactions, make the distribution in each city of the "pond" becomes a secondary trading line driving point.

simply speaking, you can understand the "fish pond" as a trading unit of idle fish, roughly divided into two forms. A trading community formed on the basis of geographical location, centered on residential areas, companies, schools, and crowded places, with a radius (such as 1.5 km radius). The other is based on interest, a trading circle based on different interests.

idle fish head Chen Albert said at the meeting, since June 14 idle fish line, two years has traded idle idle fish trading items up to 170 million pieces, of which the community share contributed to the transaction conversion rate is very high, so this year they decided to increase investment in community construction and operation.

in recent years, the domestic secondary trading market is heating up. On the one hand, large companies have layout, in addition to Ali, Jingdong’s pat second-hand APP has docked Jingdong commodity a key resale function, 58 market immediately followed by the introduction of second-hand commodity trading platform". On the other hand, because the giants choose the whole category of C2C gameplay, many start-ups want to split the vertical segments of the field, second-hand clothing, luxury goods, sea Amoy goods and other fields have many players admission.

although the secondary trading market seems lively, but in the market acceptance, non-standard difficult to scale, and other issues of capital on the secondary trading of a wait-and-see attitude. However, this conference, free fish and the first financial business data center jointly issued the "2016 share economic development report" may give us some ideas and reference. The following is a speech memoir, 36 krypton edited a little finishing.

from "economy" to "sharing economy"


before the word "idle economy" and "share economy" comes out, let me talk about the concept of economy. >