Do different things and different opinions

every year after the end of the Spring Festival, I believe that the most popular topic of discussion is the evaluation of the new year’s Spring Festival Gala. For the views of the Spring Festival Gala, it is a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend. Have the support of the flowers, there are opposing booed, could also come from an opponent down and so on. It is impossible for the directors of the Spring Festival Gala and the general directors to direct the party to satisfy all the audience. There will always be bright spots, regrets and disappointments. There is no standard concept about what a successful Spring Festival Gala is, after all, the success of the peak varies.

now no village, no shop, no not before and after the Spring Festival Gala, why mention this matter? The author is currently responsible for the management of station network trading forum, the forum moderator is responsible for carrying out the activities of the forum. Sudden "Spring Festival Gala regrets", because encountered a webmaster, do not understand a forum activities. No rules, no Cheng Fangyuan, every activity always has some activities rules, the webmaster want to participate in activities, but does not meet the requirements of the activities, the author naturally disagree, politely refused. So the webmaster long sigh with emotion, and expressed no confidence in A5, A5 let him hurt heart. I am so sweaty that I have nothing to say.

I’m not here to say the webmaster is not good, no derogatory meaning, just say this phenomenon. First of all, this webmaster is A5’s love and support, will want to participate in activities, should have encouraged his enthusiasm to meet his needs, but this is unfair to other webmaster. The other station owners are following the rules, except for one person, which is not in accordance with the rules of the activity. Forum held some activities, the original intention is to encourage the webmaster to participate in, active forum atmosphere, but the premise is that everyone must comply with the rules of the game, so that we can enjoy ourselves, activities have the meaning of existence. May be this will hit the webmaster, the loss of this user, but a and a batch of webmaster, believe or choose to service most of the users. The A5 forum is not the best, but the forums are working hard to do better and satisfy more users.

webmaster in the process of doing web site, will encounter similar situation, always hear some opposition. As small as the color of the website, the way the module is, the content of the site, the location of the site, there will always be voices from different users, or in favor or against. Each user can express their opinions, may be the original intention is good, want your website to do better, but sometimes well disservice, affect your position on the site, and some affect the user experience. Website can not be exhaustive, the user can not cover all the ranks. Can only locate the site, and then one by one rich, on their own web site has a global grasp, not every opinion are absorbed, try every aspect, this can only outweigh the benefits. Webmasters may remember, your website is not love everyone, but there is always a part of the user is pleased with it, they would often come to visit your site, the user comments will be more targeted, and improve on the website of the end "