t’s also important to register your domain name

a lot of people do website, may be simple, literally get a domain name on the line, I was like this before, see what type of, and then in front of a number of letters added, is a domain name. But recently registered domain name when I just know, the original registration domain name also need to consider clearly, otherwise directly affect your website included.


a www.xxsheng.com registered the domain name first, is to do a download of the forum, but no matter what Baidu has not been included, do not know why, to nearly two months of Baidu is not included, every day to Baidu site has no results, then one day to check your Google Google, found that although included, but I do not know the original website, the domain name is done before the site, Baidu may have it blacklisted.

OK, I found this problem, or maybe still silly and so on Baidu included?. Immediately changed a www.cf25.cn meters, although it is CN meters, but always better than K meters, continue to change a number of websites, names and so on.

cautioned under the webmaster friends here, the time domain name registration is the best query included anti chain and other search engines, don’t wait for the domain name registration is good to know that this is a K domain name registration fee to your site is small, not included is the major event.

even though they have been K meters reincluding experience, but after all, this is very difficult, why make yourself like this? You registered a new domain name is not better? No need to put yourself hard pushed into the pit of fire, even if you can stand up again at the pit of fire, but when possible it is no longer the same.

this site is still a rookie, said wrong, hoping to understand, just talk about their experience, to see if you can help the webmaster.