Liu ya network promotion how to accumulate personal brand influence

if you ask me, what is the most valuable in the world, my answer is, a person or a brand, the influence of everyone, is only the size is different, for example, you go out with friends to buy clothes, two kinds of styles, she does not know how to choose, you say this, buy this one. The clothes look good, and she bought. She made a big part of this decision. It was your influence. It was in life. The main theme of your blog is the skin. Most of them are chosen after reading other people’s blogs. This time, you are influenced by other people. We choose a brand when we are shopping, and this time you are influenced by the brand. In the network promotion, this influence is also very important, we may not reach the height of stars, but we can promote this circle in the network to create and accumulate their influence.

first: all ID and avatar should be unified. If you decide to do network promotion, you can use a fixed best online pass ID, real name is best, because it gave the relatively high degree of trust, you can have N vest, but one must become heavy, I know a network promotion in 28, pushing for a ID in A5, a ID, behind it is a ID ID this should be a common sense, if the name "Liu Asia" once you may not remember it, but if you were to see the 10, 20 time, naturally, some of my friends I just remember there is such a person, ha ha. Here the best picture it will be, if we are an ordinary Internet users, there is no need to take so much, but we are doing promotion, on the Internet, we are not familiar with each other, if you change a head, they may not recognize it, some people will suspect that is not two personally, I have met this kind of situation, so I head are unified, blog, forum, micro-blog and so on, are all the same.

second: run your own independent blog. No matter how micro-blog development, it will not replace the blog, I think in the future are independent blog today and have great development space, for a people who do network promotion is more important, you do not have to make a lot of money, but do independent blog can earn, on this topic, will share in No. 24 at 2:30 in the afternoon at the A5 forum to do an interview. Do you have the independent blog, the first is to show yourself, the second is the accumulation of influence, you can share some experience in the promotion of the article, the third is the extension network in your social circle, my QQ friends are known by the independent blog, I don’t say it, just say one of the most simple. You develop a website, a link is put, put the two and put in at the same time, why the product promotion promotion of your independent blog, if one day you leave the original company, you have what is not, and your blog can also help promote your products. Put ads on their blogs do not have money, Why not?? people buy a full main > here