A5 marketing why isn’t there a turnover Where’s the difference

enterprise website construction, regardless of brand promotion or search optimization is worth mentioning, ultimately only one purpose: to facilitate transactions! However, in which many enterprises are profitable? Although there are really a lot, but the premise in the whole Internet, a probability of the final, that is one drop in the bucket too. A large number of sites, the so-called website construction, but also just stay in the embryonic form of "brand title" search. If a user deliberately searches for the brand, it will be displayed, with the exception of nothing else.

I believe that this is not the highest decision maker, the human resources and financial resources to build this site’s original intention, how to break this situation, the site is really poor,

?The selling point and value of

products. Some products are high-end, some products are made public, but what really went on sale, it will not only selling, selling become more inventory, or only make price point, is the same as iphone5C. As an enterprise, what are your product features? What are the user needs, and what are different from other products, if you can do it, then it is a selling point. Yesterday。

I believe that we all have online shopping experience, choice of a commodity, the final goods move you to buy why? There are the following: 1, because of the quality, we were moved; 2, because of sales, we follow the trend; 3, because we love styles, 4, because the characteristics; we like……

products, make a point, what time to itself as a consumer, starting from the consumer point of view, to really do, so is successful! But now most of the businesses, selling where? Millet because of high, low price, has been the fire until now, because of the excellent performance of iPhone let the world so, of course the price "face" selling point, but that some people are willing to spend money, good face, F refused to accept the person’s heart will be caught in.

is the second "website of the show", the author is A5 marketing (http://s.admin5.cn) one day, shuttling between the search engine and web site, customers face a multi site, customers are also more, found the following problems, write to share:

website display more, then users browse more, in the big environment, turnover is natural rise, for display quantity mainly has the following two points:

first, the strength of the brand! As a well known Tencent, Sina, Lenovo, millet, HUAWEI, and so on, even if they are a new product line, what all don’t do, there are a lot of people’s attention, this is the strength of the brand! Create a brand, a brand is not just started in the entity marketing center, network marketing too! But I’m here to see a large number of sites, and do not have their own brand, even only for the promotion of products, users do not know what the name of this site is, even if you >