Folk parlance to see if you are a qualified webmaster

for a qualified webmaster, there is no official test standard, but there are a lot of so-called "folk" like me. Of course, this is for reference only, in the Internet industry, anyone is a master, there are places worth learning.

first, as a webmaster, in order to live up to your master "title", your hands have certain connections, encounter problems, you are willing to help you, have good experience or industry news, people have to share with you. The most important point, you have new sites, others can bring you. The reason is that the development from the railway station to see if you are a qualified webmaster, not to say that you are doing a few stations, to launch a new station, it lost a discussion of the significance, the so-called qualified, refers to your website in the preparatory work before.

you have to have friends who are willing to link you up before your site is on the line, and it’s a single chain.

second, will you pick the keyword


selected good keywords, later can better do SEO. I have a friend, is also a novice webmaster, registered a domain name. At that time the name of money online, be hungry for a week, he found the lost power. Why? Because the front has a PR6 station at the home, although there is a view that this can bring some of the traffic accident, but I tell you, you will never stand the light of day. Later he was replaced by the Hubei money, or do a keyword.

only by choosing the right keyword first can you effectively do SEO later.

third, look at the traffic on your site

many people at the same time installed 51la and cnzz statistical bar, in fact, are very similar, but I prefer 51, more comprehensive analysis of the development of the site. The reason why I put traffic in front of whether included, because you can see from the flow of your site stickiness, that is, after your website is launched, how do you do the content?.

content is king! This rule won’t change anywhere. From the stickiness of your web site, your site’s repeat customers reflect the stickiness of your site and reflect your content. Always remember, the content is king.

fourth, indexed and trans

why would you say this at fourth,


for an old station, the first thing people see is PR and included, and then snapshot. Well, for a new station for you? Are you a qualified webmaster, from this point you can see whether you have operational experience?. The inside chain is very well done, with the first, as long as you have friends, to give you the high quality of the chain, but is single, included soon, my friend didn’t in line before has 9 PR stations to make links to some people. May think it is a "