Analysis of the prospects of shopping navigation website

use this keyword in the Baidu search shopping navigation, you can search to the relevant pages of about 5440000, the removal of key words in the page, the emergence of various estimates, currently specializes in shopping navigation website at least 1000. Shopping navigation appeared again in the era of the hao123 scene, all be in full swing.

The craze for

shopping navigation comes mainly for the following reasons:

first, with the popularity of the Internet, online shopping has gradually become a consumer habit. The booming development of online shopping has become a realistic soil for shopping navigation websites. Although Chinese e-commerce 8848 big brother has disappeared, but Ma’s Taobao has developed a network of consumer habits China users, and Alipay and other means to solve the problem of trust of buyers and sellers, and combined with the development of private express delivery companies compete, gradually replace the traditional postal service, the price is high, the speed is low, to solve the problem of online shopping express. The solution of these problems and the gradual formation of online shopping habits make online shopping become a fashion and trend, and continue to pass and spread, more and more users began shopping online.

two is a network of buyers and Internet buyers in the process of shopping and sales, need online shopping navigation. The emergence of a large number of online shopping sites, as well as Taobao shops, pat shops, there are shops and many other sellers appear, for buyers to choose their own suitable products, both brought convenience, but also to buyers at a loss. Too many choices, there is no choice. Many buyers due to the effect of knowledge, ability, experience in online shopping, often in many choices lost themselves, constantly is not easy to find the goods they want, also may be misled by bad business, bad advertising, even the crooks hiding in behind the screen when. The realistic demand of online shopping is the main driving force of shopping navigation. There is no denying that online sellers play an important role in the development of online shopping in china. They round the clock, waiting in the network to the end, continue to search for a network of buyers and promote their goods way. Similarly, many goods and shops make it difficult for them to excel. They need a way to push their goods and services out of the way. Online shopping navigation provides a new way for them to promote goods and services.

three is, shopping navigation technology is simple, the threshold is low. The shopping navigation website that appears now appears on the basis of imitating website navigation. A large number of ready-made site navigation procedures, the raw materials of some gold or lovers, coupled with the low cost of network host and domain name space, some owners even in an afternoon of tinkering a shopping navigation website.

four is the emergence of online advertising forms such as Taobao, ad alliance and so on, which provides a certain reality for the profit of shopping navigation websites