do grassroots Adsense in the past two years the nternet to make money in the end difficult

a few days ago a friend asked me to rely on the Internet to make money difficult? Was this sentence I asked silly, that it is not so difficult to imagine that it was simple, single scene be visible before the eyes, the face of a friend asked, too horrible to look at; and do not know how to go he gave a detailed explanation, say a simple answer: you have method and execution, money is not difficult! Later to spend half an hour for him, but the friend did not meet, what I will not stick, no promotion, no money, I have no way to ask for free fast money, I sent a "ha ha" before the end of the chat.


on the Internet can really make money? Of course can make money, to see how to make, when are you going to rely on the Internet to make money, may wish to listen to the grassroots webmaster how I make money this year, although earn much, but also can inspire the members of grassroots webmaster.

remember just out of school, went to Shanghai to see the society, then work in a company network optimization, the initial contact with SEO, but the day will send the chain copy text, 2000 yuan a month’s income in Shanghai too tight Baba, the company provides accommodation to 7 people crowded in. A 20 square meters of the small house, then remember like two people in a dormitory bed, although very hot, but the heart is very excited.

for the first time in the Internet orders, is a flash project to get online in the pig, then come to Shanghai and several friends together, but because of the experience and technical problems, the whole project is not made, but let a friend which hit nearly two thousand yuan, then recognize the reality, the so-called the team, not a few people together can be called team.

second orders on the Internet is still in the pig online, was also received a flash courseware, the project price is 1500 yuan, by the customer after bargain, to 1250 yuan turnover, was desperate, because the customer demand can not be completed 3 days to complete, choose other service providers, at that time have a laptop computer, thus hiding in a corner of the Shanghai black net, two 51 hours, precious! Then two night soak in the Internet cafes, as customers second days to use, but also the difference of workload may also be five or six hours left and right, close to 23 o’clock at night, the black bars have to be closed, and, moved to a new normal Internet bar, because it overnight, but the price is ridiculously expensive, five yuan an hour, to recharge 30 yuan, 30 yuan for the time! Is the concept of a day Meals! At that time was an idea to finish this, then to the customer, you can get a commission, everything is worth it, so do the night decisive was completed at 5 in the morning to a few Internet cafes seats together, simple sleep more than two hours, then to 8 points with red eyes, to go to work.