Soft Wen creation Article readability is the reader’s needs

because recently I always find online articles about SEO, I accidentally saw an article title is quite attractive article, so I looked, but I read the first check, why? What he said, do not know is not incoherent at one hundred words many, sentence impassability, typical sentences, so I was wondering, how this article will in stationmaster net home page? Then put this article open, think what a good idea, although the sentence impassability, so I put this article back to see what to write on the page what, did not think the result is unanimous condemnation, but this article can through the audit makes me a bit puzzled


website optimization is the most important to the user experience, and good user experience is a very important point is that the article to write fluent, have very strong readability, otherwise your site for the user is not attractive, most users see your website one after another has not come, so in the website the beginning of construction should be considered a good user experience, from the many aspects to increase the readability of the


first: the background color of the article and the contrast of the text

text background with a clear contrast, this allows the viewer to see the contents of the text, and the background is not able to use bright colors, otherwise very dazzling, consider reading the text when the user’s reading comfort, or even the very idea, it is difficult to allow users to read, because now too many related websites, if you feel uncomfortable it is very easy to change the


second: the article must be fluent,

did not say the first article which contains many valuable thoughts, first you in this statement must be smooth, if your article is a typical "Discourse", put together the inferior goods, it will make people feel very uncomfortable, even if your article in the very thoughtful. But it is awkward to read, but most of them are not able to organize into a sentence, if not the same industry professionals, simply cannot read what you said, so this is very difficult to improve the user’s reading pleasure


third: paragraphs should be clear,


can write a paragraph in the end, is the person who writes without the ability to read, let people feel very hard, a lot of technical articles will have a small title, to summarize a text thought, if we can put these words in bold, it can make people you know at a glance is a short article below about what content, it can highly increase the user experience


fourth: the article can not be repeated, just say a word,

We all know that

construction site content is very important, so some people will write a lot of similar ideological articles, the quality of these articles most are relatively poor, in fact, we should pay attention to the quality of the website article, original article, record >