What kind of soft Wen title is more attractive

soft Wen title must be attractive eyeball is useful, the following are some commonly used methods:

1. uses some popular words

: because Chinese like to watch the latest hot news,


2. uses some of the bracketed text

: "how does Liu Yifei get rid of Sanlu milk powder?".

3. to take the initiative to apply for the top

forum title

: Liu Yifei drank Sanlu milk powder into this way (how serious for the top


4. question title has a good effect,

: do you want to know what Liu Yifei turned into Sanlu milk powder,


5. conjecture class, forecasting class, inventory class title effect is good,

: "Zhao Benshan is expected to replace Luo Jing in the news network," the ten richest woman in 2008".

6. self deprecating title works well,

: I also known than sister lotus.

, do you remember? Good memory is worse than bad writing. Keep this article in your lovely computer. When you write again, you’ll know how to write attractive headlines.