Promotion website keywords ranking wheel chain operation mode

facing the vast resources of the Internet, we can make full use of all resources, for the novice webmaster can not help in the early site high weight website to promote the site condition, the author gives the following their operation ideas, but not any website at any time to need high weight website resource support, more as a webmaster how take advantage of all available resources, including free of charge or, be bold with free and open Internet resources for the construction of the chain site early, help site outside the chain of support and promotion of good weight.

novice webmaster may have been a misunderstanding is only the weight of high resource utilization can bring good effect to the site, in fact, the present to everyone talked about "wheel chain" operation is based on a large number of free Internet resources to operate in a way that no matter which way to master the persistence. The author will simply talk about some experience about the operation of the chain sprocket in the website:


1: the basic concept of wheel chain operation


for chain operation, the actual is free but with high quality Internet resources, such as blogs, web site for specific content type of the soft structure and utilization of these resources outside the chain operation. The blog function is positioning the site a piece of content on its own website which, in accordance with the content updates to follow up and release, and in the post on the website to add a certain number of content description text, you simply can be regarded as by major website blog to establish similar Baidu encyclopedia links, but pointing to the same content. For the choice of blog, I have the following suggestions:

A. blog: half a month in advance to set up a month to set up a blog, this is a way to keep the blog, to only hate less, we try to reduce this problem, establish and publish blog articles, and blog address submitted to each big search.

B. select blog: blog is relatively similar, but the blog parasitic web site is different, the importance of the portal is insufficient, so choose to search the higher probability of the site, build blog.

two: content selection and update requires

how to promote the chain, you need a strong executive power and stability, not three days fishing, two days to rest, you need to work hard. The blog host, set up their own blog set up a blog to release the contents of the article, the owners must pay attention, if you build dozens of blogs have released the same content, can meet the content included will be very poor, the effect is not good, so set up a blog for the web site content orientation blog content, such as the A blog for the site A content, does not involve other content, and as far as possible are included in the content of the website after the release.

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