Original founder Tao Ye on line 9 months how to complete the 120 million stake raised

I dark horse note: equity raised all, Internet banking is a breakthrough in the future difficult, and the Internet banking company "primitive society" has begun in which meaningful attempt.

original line in December 2013, since its establishment in 9 months, the platform for more than 2000 cooperative venture projects, certified investors more than 1000 people. Up to now, there have been 9 projects completed equity investors, the total amount of financing of about 120 million yuan.

at present, the original would have become China to raise public equity industry leader, is committed to creating the most efficient and comprehensive cost to raise public equity investment and financing platform, and provide resources including docking, visualization of valuation, financial prediction, financial counseling and other value-added services.

original will founder Tao Ye, Registered Financial Analyst (CFA), Princeton University master of public administration. She herself was also called the first beauty CEO in the Internet banking industry by the industry.

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Tao Ye, who was a private equity investor in the United States for a long time before the founding of the original Council, managed $150 million fund and invested more than 10 companies all listed in the United states. She also founded core capital to raise and manage more than $70 million in funds.

, she chose to raise all the shares as the direction of entrepreneurship, and previous investment experience. Before doing PE, Tao Ye contacted a lot of small and medium-sized private enterprises, these enterprises in China’s living environment is more difficult, and one important reason is the lack of funds.

"on the one hand, all investors feel that they can’t find good companies.". On the other hand, companies feel that they can not afford to spend money. How can they combine their needs to meet the needs of both sides?." Tao Ye explained to reporters how to do equity investors to raise the original intention.

"original" will be to build a platform, so that a certain ability to resist risks and higher income ordinary people, small investors can also see the details of an industry data and projects. There are hundreds of companies and high-quality projects in this platform, all the data you can see, we choose investment projects, let everyone participate in angel investment to become a possibility."

Tao Ye said, they do raise public equity a bit idealistic feelings, to raise public equity can help these enterprises to grow my own in the process of entrepreneurship is very satisfied, can do things to serve the society very meaningful and valuable."

2014 is the first year of all chips, the World Bank report showed that China’s congregation raised the market will reach $50 billion in 2025.

Tao believes that "through the Internet way to make the financial more dynamic, so that the allocation of financial assets more effective.". Equity investors together with the needs of investors and enterprises, it is rigid existence. >