Talking about how to experience personal website deployment by WordPress

has been using WordPress for personal websites for some time, and for the first time I’ve heard about this blog system in 2007 November, when I was still practicing.

later learned that it was the world’s most famous blogging system, and that the key was open source. I thought to myself: that system must be very advanced.

later for a long time, suffering from not enough money to buy, support PHP language space, as well as databases, has been unable to experience the powerful function of WordPress. At that time to buy space only know times interconnected, the price is more terror, and move on thousands.

until some time ago, and finally have spare money, bought space, domain names and databases began to toss personal websites. Find WordPress, this system is really suitable for personal website.

Two problems arising during the

have to be mentioned:

1: installing WordPress for the first time, I almost collapsed, the top always suggested that the title information cannot be modified, I even doubt space service providers to do too much because of the limitation of the toss about half a day, to find solutions, is actually the index.php file with Notepad to open, select save as, in the drop-down box to select ANSI encoding finally, you can save.

II: at the beginning of May, some people call and say, his WordPress is unable to upload pictures, ask the administrator account, login, upload pictures, suggested that the Uploads/2009/05 folder does not modify the permissions, and suspected that the modified folder, in order to confirm this issue, with the technical staff of the era of the Internet communication for a long time, they made it clear that the authority has no problem to their FTP account to no avail, but take extraordinary measures, landing with a general account, the initialization site FTP account to send to your mailbox, after the successful landing, found no abnormal folder permissions does what.

WordPress version of that person is also relatively old, seems to be 2, online collection of the solution can not be uploaded, there is actually a method is to Uploads folder backup, delete, rebuild. In addition, other methods seem more complex, involving modifying the source code. In desperation, had to try, and finally succeeded.

now feels that WordPress is a little weird because the solution to these two problems is a bit odd and impossible to explain.

my self built nearly a month of "experience", mainly focus on small collection rich experience of music and speech, which is set up with WordPress.