Analysis of the prospects of shopping navigation website

use this keyword in the Baidu search shopping navigation, you can search to the relevant pages of about 5440000, the removal of key words in the page, the emergence of various estimates, currently specializes in shopping navigation website at least 1000. Shopping navigation appeared again in the era of the hao123 scene, all be in full swing.

The craze for

shopping navigation comes mainly for the following reasons:

first, with the popularity of the Internet, online shopping has gradually become a consumer habit. The booming development of online shopping has become a realistic soil for shopping navigation websites. Although Chinese e-commerce 8848 big brother has disappeared, but Ma’s Taobao has developed a network of consumer habits China users, and Alipay and other means to solve the problem of trust of buyers and sellers, and combined with the development of private express delivery companies compete, gradually replace the traditional postal service, the price is high, the speed is low, to solve the problem of online shopping express. The solution of these problems and the gradual formation of online shopping habits make online shopping become a fashion and trend, and continue to pass and spread, more and more users began shopping online. read more

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do grassroots Adsense in the past two years the nternet to make money in the end difficult

a few days ago a friend asked me to rely on the Internet to make money difficult? Was this sentence I asked silly, that it is not so difficult to imagine that it was simple, single scene be visible before the eyes, the face of a friend asked, too horrible to look at; and do not know how to go he gave a detailed explanation, say a simple answer: you have method and execution, money is not difficult! Later to spend half an hour for him, but the friend did not meet, what I will not stick, no promotion, no money, I have no way to ask for free fast money, I sent a "ha ha" before the end of the chat. read more

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Soft Wen creation Article readability is the reader’s needs

because recently I always find online articles about SEO, I accidentally saw an article title is quite attractive article, so I looked, but I read the first check, why? What he said, do not know is not incoherent at one hundred words many, sentence impassability, typical sentences, so I was wondering, how this article will in stationmaster net home page? Then put this article open, think what a good idea, although the sentence impassability, so I put this article back to see what to write on the page what, did not think the result is unanimous condemnation, but this article can through the audit makes me a bit puzzled read more

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What kind of soft Wen title is more attractive

soft Wen title must be attractive eyeball is useful, the following are some commonly used methods:

1. uses some popular words

: because Chinese like to watch the latest hot news,


2. uses some of the bracketed text

: "how does Liu Yifei get rid of Sanlu milk powder?".

3. to take the initiative to apply for the top

forum title

: Liu Yifei drank Sanlu milk powder into this way (how serious for the top


4. question title has a good effect,

: do you want to know what Liu Yifei turned into Sanlu milk powder, read more

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Promotion website keywords ranking wheel chain operation mode

facing the vast resources of the Internet, we can make full use of all resources, for the novice webmaster can not help in the early site high weight website to promote the site condition, the author gives the following their operation ideas, but not any website at any time to need high weight website resource support, more as a webmaster how take advantage of all available resources, including free of charge or, be bold with free and open Internet resources for the construction of the chain site early, help site outside the chain of support and promotion of good weight. read more

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Original founder Tao Ye on line 9 months how to complete the 120 million stake raised

I dark horse note: equity raised all, Internet banking is a breakthrough in the future difficult, and the Internet banking company "primitive society" has begun in which meaningful attempt.

original line in December 2013, since its establishment in 9 months, the platform for more than 2000 cooperative venture projects, certified investors more than 1000 people. Up to now, there have been 9 projects completed equity investors, the total amount of financing of about 120 million yuan.

at present, the original would have become China to raise public equity industry leader, is committed to creating the most efficient and comprehensive cost to raise public equity investment and financing platform, and provide resources including docking, visualization of valuation, financial prediction, financial counseling and other value-added services. read more

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Talking about how to experience personal website deployment by WordPress

has been using WordPress for personal websites for some time, and for the first time I’ve heard about this blog system in 2007 November, when I was still practicing.

later learned that it was the world’s most famous blogging system, and that the key was open source. I thought to myself: that system must be very advanced.

later for a long time, suffering from not enough money to buy, support PHP language space, as well as databases, has been unable to experience the powerful function of WordPress. At that time to buy space only know times interconnected, the price is more terror, and move on thousands. read more

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