t’s also important to register your domain name

a lot of people do website, may be simple, literally get a domain name on the line, I was like this before, see what type of, and then in front of a number of letters added, is a domain name. But recently registered domain name when I just know, the original registration domain name also need to consider clearly, otherwise directly affect your website included.


a www.xxsheng.com registered the domain name first, is to do a download of the forum, but no matter what Baidu has not been included, do not know why, to nearly two months of Baidu is not included, every day to Baidu site has no results, then one day to check your Google Google, found that although included, but I do not know the original website, the domain name is done before the site, Baidu may have it blacklisted. read more

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Liu ya network promotion how to accumulate personal brand influence

if you ask me, what is the most valuable in the world, my answer is, a person or a brand, the influence of everyone, is only the size is different, for example, you go out with friends to buy clothes, two kinds of styles, she does not know how to choose, you say this, buy this one. The clothes look good, and she bought. She made a big part of this decision. It was your influence. It was in life. The main theme of your blog is the skin. Most of them are chosen after reading other people’s blogs. This time, you are influenced by other people. We choose a brand when we are shopping, and this time you are influenced by the brand. In the network promotion, this influence is also very important, we may not reach the height of stars, but we can promote this circle in the network to create and accumulate their influence. read more

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A5 marketing why isn’t there a turnover Where’s the difference

enterprise website construction, regardless of brand promotion or search optimization is worth mentioning, ultimately only one purpose: to facilitate transactions! However, in which many enterprises are profitable? Although there are really a lot, but the premise in the whole Internet, a probability of the final, that is one drop in the bucket too. A large number of sites, the so-called website construction, but also just stay in the embryonic form of "brand title" search. If a user deliberately searches for the brand, it will be displayed, with the exception of nothing else. read more

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ndividual stationmaster wants deep understanding to learn duplicate

talking about copying, crtl+c, I believe that every webmaster will be used, cooked, rotten, but today is about thinking, copy!


I just copied from the start, entering the station, many people will be confused, and some do not made a year of good IP station, in fact, we have ignored the basic point.

I put Baidu billboard Top50 hot search words on each side, because these 50 words inside, where the first page of the site, are the stationmaster of a lot of operation research expert, what? A word long time stable search in more than 50 thousand, the words of the heat, deserves our attention. We have been to the final fiftieth from the first words, I did not open a word, I put him on the first page of each site on all side, their research is what procedures, design and optimize the structure of the site, how much they are checking the chain, how to do, OK, can you make this 50 a study on the side of the first page of words, a total of 500 sites are serious, you will benefit estimation. read more

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Folk parlance to see if you are a qualified webmaster

for a qualified webmaster, there is no official test standard, but there are a lot of so-called "folk" like me. Of course, this is for reference only, in the Internet industry, anyone is a master, there are places worth learning.

first, as a webmaster, in order to live up to your master "title", your hands have certain connections, encounter problems, you are willing to help you, have good experience or industry news, people have to share with you. The most important point, you have new sites, others can bring you. The reason is that the development from the railway station to see if you are a qualified webmaster, not to say that you are doing a few stations, to launch a new station, it lost a discussion of the significance, the so-called qualified, refers to your website in the preparatory work before. read more

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Every step must be careful to prevent hanging horse

is not a real hacker to find our small station horse, only those who refuse the unscrupulous hacker, a little, since that is great, go around the black people’s station, crazy horse.

below is a common website vulnerabilities and hackers commonly used means, we hope to strengthen the guard after reading.

1 background address must be changed, do not use this folder to do your background, and some friends do not even know that this background folder can be renamed

2. plus the best background verification code, although in trouble, but can avoid many small hackers use social engineering to crack your website (and I have tried a lot of friends, the password is often a mobile phone number, domain name, QQ and read more

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Analysis of the prospects of shopping navigation website

use this keyword in the Baidu search shopping navigation, you can search to the relevant pages of about 5440000, the removal of key words in the page, the emergence of various estimates, currently specializes in shopping navigation website at least 1000. Shopping navigation appeared again in the era of the hao123 scene, all be in full swing.

The craze for

shopping navigation comes mainly for the following reasons:

first, with the popularity of the Internet, online shopping has gradually become a consumer habit. The booming development of online shopping has become a realistic soil for shopping navigation websites. Although Chinese e-commerce 8848 big brother has disappeared, but Ma’s Taobao has developed a network of consumer habits China users, and Alipay and other means to solve the problem of trust of buyers and sellers, and combined with the development of private express delivery companies compete, gradually replace the traditional postal service, the price is high, the speed is low, to solve the problem of online shopping express. The solution of these problems and the gradual formation of online shopping habits make online shopping become a fashion and trend, and continue to pass and spread, more and more users began shopping online. read more

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do grassroots Adsense in the past two years the nternet to make money in the end difficult

a few days ago a friend asked me to rely on the Internet to make money difficult? Was this sentence I asked silly, that it is not so difficult to imagine that it was simple, single scene be visible before the eyes, the face of a friend asked, too horrible to look at; and do not know how to go he gave a detailed explanation, say a simple answer: you have method and execution, money is not difficult! Later to spend half an hour for him, but the friend did not meet, what I will not stick, no promotion, no money, I have no way to ask for free fast money, I sent a "ha ha" before the end of the chat. read more

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Soft Wen creation Article readability is the reader’s needs

because recently I always find online articles about SEO, I accidentally saw an article title is quite attractive article, so I looked, but I read the first check, why? What he said, do not know is not incoherent at one hundred words many, sentence impassability, typical sentences, so I was wondering, how this article will in stationmaster net home page? Then put this article open, think what a good idea, although the sentence impassability, so I put this article back to see what to write on the page what, did not think the result is unanimous condemnation, but this article can through the audit makes me a bit puzzled read more

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What kind of soft Wen title is more attractive

soft Wen title must be attractive eyeball is useful, the following are some commonly used methods:

1. uses some popular words

: because Chinese like to watch the latest hot news,


2. uses some of the bracketed text

: "how does Liu Yifei get rid of Sanlu milk powder?".

3. to take the initiative to apply for the top

forum title

: Liu Yifei drank Sanlu milk powder into this way (how serious for the top


4. question title has a good effect,

: do you want to know what Liu Yifei turned into Sanlu milk powder, read more

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