shlf1314 AdSense domain name protection function is evilQihoo in March 8th to promote the League sus

according to sources, the Qihoo has stopped all League promotion in March 2nd, and in March 8th revised plan.

      AdSense domain name protection function can not protect domain name publisher.

      a few days ago shlf1314 AdSense launched the domain name protection function, and this function is to protect the interests of publishers, mainly in order to prevent the publisher account by some netizens abuse that have an ulterior motive, blocked account.

      AdSense domain name protection infringes the interests of publishers. read more

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Talk about Taobao’s money scene from sh419 indexThe electricity supplier sample Yuanke million milli


We now wish to enter the sh419

first, personal webmaster and MSN, Jiuyou these large sites one of the biggest difference is that the power of the group from search engines, so talking about the topic from the search engine.

with Ali mother rally capacity continues to improve, more and more personal webmaster and Internet companies even have many bloggers have joined the ranks of Taobao customers, including MSN, Jiuyou these large Internet companies, Ali mother known in the depressed economic environment to provide employment opportunities for the society, 100 thousand. But is Taobao’s market so big? As the first batch of "Taobao customers", I would like to express my personal opinion. read more

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Chinese’s richest woman who is Zhou Qunfei From working girl to 46 billion 600 million worthAccordin

, who will become the new richest woman in China, Ms. Zhou Qunfei, has worked in Shenzhen for many years and has only been 45 years old.

According to the 2014

talks about the annual salary of the richest woman in the future, and it is also a "day"

female Hurun rich list shows that 33 year old Yang Huiyan wealth of 44 billion yuan won the "richest woman" the throne, the 73 year old Chen Lihua maintained second to 40 billion yuan, for two consecutive years to become the Chinese start empty-handed’s richest woman, is the world’s richest woman, 57 years old start empty-handed; Zhang Yin to 29 billion yuan ranked third, ranked China and global start empty-handed female Regal second. Obviously, once the blue technology listed, the Chinese women’s richest man’s position is likely to become a stock market value of 46 billion 600 million yuan zhou. read more

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Four start up companies Haste makes waste do not let the company hang out earlyElite Curve Wrecker

Zhang Zitao has always insisted on making investments "weak three thousand yipiao" principle, yipiao means not indulge too much. He said his ability is limited, time is limited, can not earn all the money in the world, can not see all of the world’s industry, he can do is to do their own good and willing to study in several areas, such as electricity, medical care, travel, and in these areas gradually formed their own investment style.

players who do not participate in this game have no choice: if you are not quick, you are instantly exceeded by your opponent. read more

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How to make money online shop

the Internet early into the thousands of households, online shopping is also a lot of people think people’s homely food, shop low cost but the profit space is very large, if the operating properly can earn a lot of money, but do you know how to be a reasonable business, online shop how to earn money, Xiaobian for everyone to make painstaking efforts finishing this article tells the story of the open shop to the attention of the local.

network method to make money Daquan: open Taobao shop to make money read more

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Network push bride personal website fast profitable two kinds of network channel

the Internet every day or even thousands of tens of thousands of birth sites, as personal webmaster every day around the search engine, to obtain certain flow and then transformed into a value, then can effectively put revenue flow into actual? Network push the bride according to changes in their own website to analyze the practical income the current form of personal webmaster (Master passing new tutorial):

current individual stations can be broadly divided into two categories: business stations, living stations. read more

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Flowing experience the bottleneck of three dimensional fitting website

smooth browsing usage, which is a good site must factor, especially for shopping e-commerce sites. Consumers don’t waste time waiting for a product page to be opened slowly unless your product is unique or the price is optimal and he needs the product urgently. As he mentioned "4 hits" theory, click on the shopping process more than 4 times, the proportion of consumers will descend in series. This is not to say that every online consumer can only contribute 4 clicks to a web site, but that all consumers need to use fluency. This requirement, even if some have been successful e-commerce sites, shopping sites are difficult to achieve. read more

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Who can leave a way out to the grassroots to all grassroots webmaster

these 2 days to sort out his blog, has published about more than 100 bowen. The quality is good or bad, but they are willing to share with you. I also to my blog re positioning, and pay attention to grassroots Adsense development. Here’s a little ad for myself. I’m Chang Xiaofeng. Welcome to subscribe to my blog. Want to talk about the grassroots dilemma today, we live in where.

The transformation of

webmaster’s Web site heralds a brief

of the webmaster’s life cycle

why does the author say this? Recently, with the cancellation of the A5 signature bits and the information portal, IT news has been stepped down. The topic of post – Grassroots times has been around us. Many friends feel that grassroots webmaster has really begun to decline. A person standing on the Internet Hong Chaozhong was blown and injured all over the body. I’ve been listening to several YY training courses recently, mostly training courses for new station owners. As can be seen, every day there are a few people began to join the webmaster to this circle. But more people go, not long ago, Sina technicians transition to sell fruit, people change, live very happy and happy. Finally summed up a sentence: "now, the life cycle of the webmaster is getting shorter and shorter, and a webmaster is doing it quickly, and pouring is also fast."." read more

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My back was black like college lessons

not long ago in the A5 issued a "painful experience of site a month to prepare the establishment of a friend" in June 11th, constantly update, modify the original pseudo original, Baidu, on Thursday morning, I finally included "my back to college" website, although not included page, the page is 200+, but fortunately, Baidu finally remembered me, really not easy. In the station after 20 days, I can not stop the update of the original, the original update ratio of about 2-5%/ days and this is of course to QQ space random search space of the original article, why do you want to find articles in the QQ space, because at that time some people say Baidu is not cold to see in the A5 QQ space inadvertently so, try holding the mentality. read more

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Expanding financing channels and invigorating the network economy

      with the development of the Internet, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises rely on the Internet to create wealth. Enterprises bigger and stronger, not only need their own efforts, but also need to promote funds. Small and medium enterprises generally lack further development because of lack of funds. Compared with traditional large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises are more hungry and urgent for financing.
read more

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Ten new experiences in Web Design for 08 years

the Internet has been changing, and a group of experts summed up the rules that today’s web designers must follow. (Matt Vela) the emergence of the Internet reflects its powerful power, it not only changed the way people work, and even change people’s way of dating. It can be said that it made the world play a roller coaster, and it made everyone dizzy. Microsoft, Netscape and other companies have begun browser competition, and competition for network standards is also unfolding. At the same time, with the emergence of Facebook, Flickr and YouTube, the network pays more attention to collective intelligence and socialization. From soaring to depression to taking off again, money is circulating madly, and the development of the Internet industry seems to be at an end. read more

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Website creation is essential

the operation of a website, in addition to the necessary way to make money, SEO technology, a station experience, I personally think that the creation of the website, creativity is very important.

my personal writing on the website code above is a stranger, can be said that he knew me, but I don’t know him a lot when I really regret it when reading all day long bubble sister caused by the loss, really want to live again, young once, do not talk nonsense so much to me today a share, is my website software ideas, but also can be said to be the site’s planning. read more

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Grass roots webmaster you choose lonely or not lonely

has rich people, have high talent; someone knowledgeable, someone sophisticated; some people in positions of wealthy people, fame and incomparable scenery. Height is different, pursuit is different, harvest is different. Each like this, I always feel a lot of hard work, as a diligent webmaster, perhaps forever, we only came in behind the scenes, and loneliness…

I began to contact the site in the winter four years ago, that year, the day was cold, I was decadent. Just lovelorn, I closed myself up, do not want to go to class, play football, go to the cafeteria to eat… Keep company with the computer all day long. It was during that time that I met a master, whose name was "no worthy master"". It is very speculative, brief encounter, we talked a lot, he said he was in the hands of website, there are more than 40 stations, income many, many… "I asked you a lot about it," he said, "five figures per month," and I still remember what I was surprised to be… I said, master, you take me, the income of your 10%, I will be satisfied, you are my master! Master said, it is very hard to do web site, you are not afraid of suffering? I say not afraid. Doing a website is very lonely, can you persist? I hesitated for a long time… Lonely this word, I thought only in the lovelorn time appears, does the website to be able to be lonely?. I said, try it, not try, how can I know that I can not do it. So I began to walk the path of the code and the script… read more

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Analysis of the current blog operating new normal

I personally have been used previously in dedecms system, on and off for nearly 3 years, this year officially changed into the form of a blog. Also began to pay attention to the blog industry. Before analyzing Lu Songsong and moonlight blogs, I came up with some conclusions about blogging. Today, let’s look at another case: Mochizuki Hiro.

or other users have to understand the blog, and I learned some time ago Mochizuki blog. Overall, the blog is a personal blog independent good, the operating time is relatively long, about IT technology blog, and the original is very high. Let’s take a look at some of the SEO data on this blog: read more

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How will the forum be operated after Baidu has dropped its rights


site is down right is the one thing that most other webmaster friends headache, real name network marketing forum in this paper about the operation in friends right down after half a year is how to operate, maintain popularity, visits and held related training.

1. Building quality content based on user needs

is the navigation of the interchange forum.

into the network marketing forum members, there are only these needs. The first type is mainly the outer chain, the second is mainly learning knowledge, the third is deeper communication. read more

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Dove good industry analysis is the prerequisite for an invincible position

talking about the decoration of this industry, I think we have some strange, some are not strange. But if a webmaster talking about the SEO industry, may not unfamiliar now. But if you talk about the SEO decoration industry, we may be a bit confused. Because the decoration industry website optimization work is a very challenging job. Why is he a challenging student? After I analyze, you will know.

everyone before reading this article, you can look at the Baidu search for the decoration of the word, the word should be the one hundred million search volume! A quantifier search so much as a station may not do this one word. Because it doesn’t make much difference. Although there are several web sites to do, Baidu promotion. But we also know that, if customers want to own a house decoration, can not be said, but very few people to search the word search of the word is really the decoration City, or decoration company talent search for the word. So, even if you have the ability to make the word "Baidu" or "Google’s home page", what can you do? The only thing that can show is that you are a very strong person. But I really don’t think it’s easy to do the ranking of the word. Even if you have the time, you have the resources, and you may not be able to do it. Most of the word comes to Baidu, either Sina or Sohu. Otherwise, no one can fight. If as a webmaster, you have to do this word, then I can only say that this webmaster does not understand this industry. read more

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Micro blog era grassroots Adsense how to get the power of micro blog

at the fifth annual meeting of the webmaster, a word has been mentioned many times, that is "micro-blog"". Micro-blog interactive is the biggest highlight of this session, especially in the lottery section, through the micro-blog to participate in the webmaster have the opportunity to be pumped to get rich prizes, once the general assembly to a climax. The guest speaker, has repeatedly emphasized the power of the micro-blog, Cai Wensheng Chuah even said, "the final outbreak of micro-blog may be the next one to two years, we are in the era of micro-blog, we are likely to witness the outbreak of micro-blog. read more

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People may not need one platform after another but they need communities

if you want to run a community, control members and don’t show superiority in it,

this article is published by Medium and Adam Marx by the curiosity daily. Adam Marx is a poet, artist and Glipple, founder, President and CEO of Inc.

earlier today, I saw an article in Product Hunt Medium (PH) CEO Ruian · Hoover (Ryan Hoover) of the article, the title is "the world does not need a new blog, but I need" (The world doesn need another blogging platform. But t I did). He earlier questioned the new application Buffalo at PH, which is his latest response. read more

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Zhigenzhidi trend The most worthy trend in 2014 is the ghost button

is on the way to 2014, and in the past half year, a number of new design trends have matured and will become mainstream in the coming 2015. Among these design trends, the most impressive one should be the ghost button".

has excellent set new trends in web design past articles "! Have you heard of" ghost "button on the button?" the ghost made a detail description, also collected many tall on the design case "to master learning! 20" outstanding website ghost button "case". That’s right. The ghost button is mature, so today we’ll take a good look at the design trend. read more

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