Look at the Google n House Shanghai Longfeng what inspiration to you

In-House is the company of Shanghai dragon? Their Shanghai dragon operations, called In-House Shanghai dragon. To be responsible for the company’s Shanghai dragon is not a simple matter, because he must have many qualities, we look at it, often asked whether we are technical or marketing of the Shanghai dragon? The Shanghai dragon? His answer was: I have the marketing people.

(3) must have the sales capacity of

What is

because now the Shanghai dragon must cross "marketing" and "technology", and even may also bring some "art". The first is before Web Designer (Webpage Designer) to become the artistic designer (Webpage Art Designer), to become the site administrator (Webmaster), (Website, Architect) website planners later to web designers into search optimization strategy division (Shanghai dragon Strategist), is now required to become a full range of Organic Web Strategist ZMOTer, also known as "network marketing planners"… This is the opportunity and challenge of Shanghai Longfeng workers. read more

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Please note U69 click union fraud features obviousAdsense should pay attention to several problems i

3, the league in May or so for 3 consecutive days 29 consecutive days without reason, all customer service personnel can not contact, and later restored, the original price from the original 0.1 yuan / click, all turned into 0.01 yuan / click. Once again find customer service, customer service said that now is 0.01/ click. But the League home page did not see any announcements. Later, I asked again and again, the customer service said, because someone cheated. obediently, this can be the best answer to any league problem.. read more

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The love sea search website and improve the user experience

In fact, the

3, usually your search station, also is the domain name after a *, if it is a single column, you can choose the column before and after URL plus *. If you want to exclude a part of the search, it can be directly in the exclusion range add link to.

! How to add

keyword ranking brush, I early in the last year has been in the chain tools have been updated, can be directly in my blog outside the chain of tools directly brush this kind of keywords ranking, so the CMS inside our own search may have great risk /p> Shanghai dragon! " read more

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On page quality score

then the factors influencing the quality score of

Others such as "slow loading ?

website optimization we need to define a concept: first in ranking individual is a page, which is the essence of a home page.

The scarcity of

is the essence of Ranking Ranking, only to see the digital sort, such as two students who study well, is essentially the two students test scores into a number, then compare. This method is also applicable to the website ranking. The search engine converts the various performance of our website into a score, add up the scores, get the quality score of a page, which is called weight. The site in accordance with the weights ranging from high to low, this is the essence of ranking. read more

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Wang Tong the study of how micro blog Shanghai Longfeng algorithm

about half a year, one day accidentally saw his micro-blog, almost no update for half a year, but fans increased 20 thousand, opened it, is the true fans, and most of them are the red wine industry people. So I call this guy, you do not play the micro-blog account to me. The results of this man a log in to your account to see, very excited, because there are many Wine manufacturers sent a message to him, why give him the money, let him play advertising in micro-blog.

so, if you want to study micro-blog Shanghai dragon algorithm, how do you start? read more

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To love the Shanghai algorithm to upgrade their attribute values for dynamic update of Shanghai Drag

Analysis of

most of the time, we are all in the chain to go, to do, but you have not thought about the content of your chain is for the data to make sense? In the chain, you can see what the chain has brought traffic to their website, in the content, you you can see what users stay longer, the bounce rate is relatively low, then compare what you can see some things, the integrity of it, is often a website is very meaningful to think. In fact, in the tool, we often see these, however, if you just look at an article, but not implemented, these are the clouds, give you a good advice, and then you take the advice to do some things out, this is certainly something worth in progress. The site is always love Shanghai pressure, have proficiency in a particular line in hand, why not make a good site read more

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Original the chain network Aaron to quantity and quality

Shanghai has a collection of love correlation ?

your post replies are not included if you love Shanghai, is the theme of your site and post is the relevant content, but love Shanghai not included your post, how will give you the weight, the second is the best thing, but not included in more than a month, your this post can be said to be hopelessly, this forum is a waste of time, so you know how to give up, replies is you search this topic Posts content, open the love Shanghai snapshot see if your reply, if there can be calculated weight, whereas not what meaning, you must be love Shanghai included is the chain. read more

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How to analyze the Shanghai dragon competition

second: the chain is a very important role in the optimization of Shanghai dragon, the chain including Links and one-way links and so on, analysis the link quality, building links, links where, and whether there is a link to buy this one, if the good places and resources we can learn, is not good for us and it can be avoided.

now the Shanghai dragon is no longer mechanical operation, it is a very important way in network marketing, need powerful strategy and execution, Shenzhen chapter source network marketing 贵族宝贝ssky.cc/ article is original, reproduced please keep the source read more

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The webmaster’s advice to the network sellerChinese the largest public record space to the park in a

according to reports, 55000 square meters of space planning monomer provides more than 2000 joint stations, 4500 square meters of office space, more than 60 exclusive investor meeting room, 1000 square meters of underground workshop, 15000 square meters of accelerator service space, 10000 square meters of living facilities, 10000 square meters garden square.

business circle, Tencent partner innovation public record space Beijing operator responsible Liu Huaiyu introduction, Tencent multi-creation space Beijing is not limited to, build in 55 thousand square meters, the design of functional space. read more

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Love Shanghai network promotion and bitter acid

4, the website project budget

3, the website of Shanghai Longfeng, due to the characteristics of the industry, the establishment of the three sub stations, a website of the product are roughly the same, but there are also slightly different. This is what I consider two sub stations, set a different title,.

2, website update frequency

update frequency did not keep3,

, enterprise website construction site before, I thought about building new sites, but considering the company’s budget and timing, and other technical reasons. I spent nearly two weeks in the final part, finally get rid of wandering, decided to change the old station template, the opening of the new domain name do stand. Such considerations do include: read more

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An analysis of the importance of attention to hot news on Taobao Shanghai Dragon

news to promote the principle of traffic to the site believe we have heard, but the difficulty in the Shanghai dragon staff how to grasp the hot news, produce flow. The network is generally needed by days and months multiplying and sensitivity to intuitive web content to judge. For example a very common image is the front position of the mop贵族宝贝 message: "in case of fire!", which is actually a prediction on the content of the post will not pop up.

in the code at the same time, Taobao crab the word "Qi B skirt", but "Qi B" or you can search, but will not lose the crab. According to an authoritative website, Qi B small skirt in Taobao has been selling items. The author also conjures a case of the lunar new year when encountered in the promotion. read more

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Rose some of the views of Shanghai love sharing recommended button

finally, look forward to sharing love Shanghai to become a very good plug-in, help me.

rose love Shanghai blog share number

love Shanghai share recommendation button can show how long? According to sniff the rose test, usually as long as normal website snapshot update, the fastest 1 days will be able to show that a snapshot update can be displayed. With two times the snapshot update, now my blog page display share number is 4, but the actual display share is 8, this is not because the snapshot not updated, but because another test do: with IP, sharing love Shanghai not included in the recommended number of share. read more

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Four site detection should be paid attention to

contains "URL?" is a dynamic URL, static page suffix is.Html.Htm.Shtml. If 贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/forum-56-1.html is a static url贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/forum.php? Mod=post& action=newthread& fid=56 is a dynamic url

is the most common example is the copy in the e-commerce site, the manufacturer’s product description is almost all the retailers to copy. The easiest way to make sure you have duplicate content is to check the CopyScape.

opened the closed dynamic pseudo static and pseudo static trust love Shanghai more, so the pseudo static instead of dynamic. Static URL has certain advantages in the search engine. Can be more convenient to search engine spiders to crawl the web. To facilitate users to browse. read more

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About in the construction site before the two most important points of planning

              recently took over a site on their own, but also think about a site how to do this, to maximize the website of the friendly, very important natural structure, but most choose a key word early keywords distribution, and framework, and most of the Shanghai dragon is just perfect now really should be considered, a new natural growth is slow, now love Shanghai for us, a lot of efforts to delay the update, the role of the chain is delayed, the simplest is a link only to stable in order to play the role of voting, which means against link efforts, efforts to investigate love Shanghai become more powerful. But this time, the more need to examine the form on their own website to make the most clear guidance. read more

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Shanghai dragon like a marriage than for long with vigour and vitality

in Shanghai dragon in the industry, is often the mind skills, determines the success or failure. We will inevitably encounter errors in the process of optimization, and when we need to clear the misunderstanding of these errors, the only way to remove a stumbling block in many websites! Just enter Shanghai dragon industry for the novice Shanghai dragon industry positioning a technology live, as long as the use of good will in the short term creating huge profits. This many novice at the beginning of Shanghai dragon are with vigour and vitality. In fact, Shanghai dragon is like marriage, often more suitable than going with vigour and vitality. read more

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The daily optimization work which step you do

first, statistical data analysis.

third, the diagnostic application of grasp.

is the data elements we must grasp the latest web site, provided by Webmaster Platform statistical data, we can clearly understand the current state of the site. The thermodynamic diagram for example, click the show deep color, but also display click on the content, and we can analyze the thermodynamic diagram will focus on the most obvious position can guarantee the traffic source. At the same time, the thermal map data also allows us to infer current user needs, through this data in the station to add relevant information can enhance the user experience, is an intelligent data. read more

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Shanghai dragon ER novice how to efficient conversion of veteran experience

as Shanghai dragon ER novice has a great advantage, is to dare to innovate, dare to break through.

many veterans who think the site outbound links will drop right, of course, in fact is true, but a lot of new Shanghai dragon ER wanted to do not understand this, because many of the portal home page will be more than hundreds of outbound links, then this is not to be in love with the sea portal will complete? On the contrary, the portal as in the past the high ranking. So a lot of Shanghai dragon ER beginners think export link more never mind. It is this idea, make the site optimization in quite a few detours. read more

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The example analysis site title change impact on search engine

three, show the title of

as shown below, without WWW is the latest snapshot of the title and description are the latest, with the title of WWW is the latest, but the description is a part of the text before the interception.

keyword on the selection is related to the website operation effect, if the website keyword selection errors, then we have to find the right way to make the website keywords >

, WWW and WWW without updating is not the same as

in many cases, the search engines don’t love our revision of the website or to modify the title, description, so in the general case, we also try not to modify the site title, description, especially frequent changes, the optimization of website adverse. But in some special cases, in order to better our long run website, can not avoid doing so. Modify the site title can have the following situations: read more

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Survey data about Google personalized search the majority of people hold a negative attitude

The first question is about the

about the nobility baby +, AYTM proposed the two survey questions:


+ nobility baby will affect your search results, you will want to use more noble baby +

data from: SYTM

We can see only a few

survey respondents mainly used search engine.

If you use a

the first question, 19.3% of respondents answered "yes", and another 20.3% of respondents said they did not really use the noble baby + account, 60.4% of the respondents said they were not of noble baby + account or do not know what this is read more

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Scarlett One Shanghai dragon how to analyze the difficulty of keyword optimization

(4): the first five pages of the top-level domain name in addition to love their own products in Shanghai, almost all top-level domain, and the first ten pages page number is scanty.

is easy to determine a keyword optimization, many indicators need to see. For example, as everyone knows love Shanghai index, included quantity, search volume, bidding, top-level domain volume, in fact, keyword optimization, not only related to various types of data words, also associated with the domain name and website content, here I divided into three points, I will from the three point brief analysis: read more

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