Piqué puts the Caja Mágica on its feet

first_imgAttraction. It started yesterday at Magic Box the Madrid Tennis Open with the usual success of the public in the restaurant area, where there was no room for a pin. It is suspected, as it happens in the Conde de Godó Tournament and in any of these self-respecting sarao, which inhabits people who have eaten more croquettes than points they have earned Rafael Nadal throughout his career. Again, on the first day, the great feeling of the day was the presence of Gerard Piqué, who stopped by to continue doing his thing. That is, doing business while playing with him. Barca. The presence of the creator of the new Davis cupBecause that circumstance brought people together on the track. They arrived, insulted him, shouted “I am Spanish”, and then returned to the gañote. “I have always felt very well received in Madrid; what’s more, for next year we are thinking of expanding Davis’ offer to make it coincide with the Cibeles Catwalk. You have to see what people do here in Madrid to go to tennis, “he said on the way to his private jet to arrive on time for his team’s match in Villarreal in which the title was played. Valentino revival. Valentino Rossi he or she returned tol Jerez Circuit to dispute the Spanish Grand Prix of the category MotoGP like the gentleman who left at Crusades and go home. Il Dottore he won his first race on the Andalusian track in 1997. At that time, when Real Madrid trained him Fabio Capello; Chendo was still part of the template, and Secretary had reached Bernabéu after a hard fight with him Barça. Barbie Girl, of the group Aqua, devastated in the lists of albums (yes, albums) best sellers (yes, sold in stores also), had just been released Titanic and nobody yet suspected that there was room in the table for Leonardo Dicaprio. Diana of Wales he had just gotten involved with Dodi Al Fayed and in Scotland was born, or something like that, a sheep that was put Dolly by name. A respect to Valentino.Golden Istanbul. Tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday, the finalists of the Champions League after playing the return of the semifinals. In anticipation of the arrival of rival fans, the Turkish city is already prepared for the event. The Grand bazaar already charges prices of Tiffany & Co. for a necklace made of macaroons. A room for fifteen in a pension with the right to a community toilet is 800 euros a night and only private jets can land at the city’s airport.Craviotto is a standard bearer. Last Wednesday it was confirmed by the COE than Saul Craviotto will be the Spanish standard bearer for Tokyo Olympics. Decision made by fans and the press, which follows canoeing with relish. With four Olympic medals, ten in world championships and six in Europeans, in Spain everyone knows him.last_img